Thursday, December 7, 2006

Tai chi for healing

The internal martial arts can be best used for healing purpose. It is recommended to use the art for healing rather than for destructive attitude as it will hurt you in turn back.

As the saying goes " you reap what your sow". The first step would be to release all the blocks in meridians and then start collecting the chi energy with in you.

Then you can start distributing the energy with yourself or use it to heal others.
I had a doubt. Is it possible to see the chi energy? there are few fortunate people who have this gift to see the chi. Based on their version, i came to know that the chi is some thing like a etherized mist that can be seen mostly in the dark greenish background.

some people who saw that have claimed it to be dark green cloud. But keeping it aside, if you wanna get an idea about this wonderful art just explore the taichi online tutorial

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sathya said...

Is it really true about the power and strength we get. It sounds very amazing and difficult to visualize.