Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The fall of a dictator

Once a president and a successful dictator for more than 10 years now behind prison bars.
This person is none other than our famous target for US that's Saddam. Now having his life under stakes lets us what is this personality doing and what had done.

Is it just to have him sentenced to death. In my personal survey a majority says yes, they also say to hang Mr.Bush along with him. There could be many reason for such comments, but we believe this is the right phase for Iraq to come to their democratic rule and make use of this situation instead of getting into an internal civil war and drowning their own economy.

This link is a good place to explore about it.Trail of Saddam

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sankari said...

Yes in one way he was a tyrant ruler enjoying for a decade.now its good that he is under the claws of justice.